How to use the idiom “long face” [closed]

Suppose someone has gone out to do something and when he comes back you see he is very unhappy because he has not succeeded in doing the job in his question. Could someone please let me know which one of the following sentences and the ways I’ve used the idiom “long face” sounds more natural:

  • He came back with a long face.
  • He came back with his a face long.
  • He came back face long.
  • He came back long faced.


The term “long face” is used as a noun phrase.

A long face
If you have a long face, you look sad:
“Why do you have such a long face?” “My boyfriend doesn’t want to see me any more.”
– Cambridge Dictionary

Of your four alternatives, the first is idiomatic:

  • He came back with a long face.

Source : Link , Question Author : A-friend , Answer Author : Lawrence

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