How to use the underline character in English?

I’ve been learning English for 5 years, but I don’t understand when or how to use underline character (_) in English.
Please can you help me explain it to me?

Example about hyphen, I read here and then I understood it. But underline I can’t.


An underline is a way of emphasizing or distinguishing words from others within a sentence. Italics are another way of doing so. This article may help you out, so could this one.

To quote from one of the links: To underscore something in a piece of writing that is particularly important: “books are not to be placed on the floor.” The underline gives the word a bit more gravity. When spoken, the words “are not” would be stressed or emphasized over the other words in the sentence.

I can’t figure out how to underline here, but “are not” should be underlined, though italics lends a similar emphasis.

You would use it similarly to when you might stress a word in a sentence because it is more important.

For the underscore however, it iss primarily used in programming in places which a space is not allowed (or inconvenient, like a file name). It’s origin is the typewriter, where it was used to underline words, see here

Source : Link , Question Author : DinhNguyen , Answer Author : fyrepenguin

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