How to use the word “downtime”

I’d like to know how to make sentences using “downtime”. I came across this word for the first time today and when I looked up in the dictionary, the meaning is almost the same as “free time” or “spare time”. Am I correct? Then is it all right if I say the followings? In my downtime I like to go cycling. I need some downtime next week. I also like to know if I can use this word interchangeably with free time or spare time.
Is this word very common in daily conversation?


I wouldn’t use downtime at all in a “personal” context. As this NGram shows, in recent decades some people have transferred the “office jargon” term for non-operational through not working to free

enter image description here

…but to me it carries unwanted overtones of “I’m just a cog in the machine”. And relatively speaking it’s not at all common, so if you want to sound like most native speakers, just avoid it…

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