How would I construct the phrase “brief set of appendices”?

I’m writing fiction and currently working on appendices for my novel (or possibly alternatively for my website). I’d like to indicate that these are not ‘complete’ appendices but are sort of a work-in-progress. For example, the glossary for my world will continue to grow.

Basically, I don’t mind generating canon for my world, because it already exists in my mind, and I don’t mind ‘putting it out there,’ but then… I prefer to be conservative in this pursuit so that I don’t constrain myself too much when writing future novels in the world. So at the moment, my appendices read more like author notes.

If I preface the appendices with:

Appendices brevia

Does that communicate that these are incomplete and/or in-progress? Is the construction correct from an English language perspective? Is there a better set of words that I could use to communicate my intent here?

^^That’s the question, but it might not be pointed enough and I hope it’s on topic.

Maybe I should call them Author’s World-building Notes and leave it at that. Save the esteemed label of “Appendix” for when the notes reach Tolkienesque status. Your input is welcome.


Given that

  • Appendices brevia is not an English phrase.
  • A printed book is fixed, not a “work in progress”.
  • A web page usually is a “work in progress”, or dormant.

then your phrase

Author’s World-building Notes

seems to be the right approach.

Source : Link , Question Author : SFWriter , Answer Author : Weather Vane

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