How would you describe this hair?

Alright, so this is a pretty pervasive style in modern CGI characters now:

enter image description here

Colloquially I’d refer to it as “anime hair but real” but anyone who isn’t familiar with anime won’t even know what that means (plus it’s still animated) and I’d like a definition that can stand on its own. What sort of adjectives could I use to describe it? Spiky implies something more punk; it’s kinda feathery but calling that would confuse it with the feathered hair fad of the 70s; it’s too neat to be shaggy, and as for beyond that, I’ll shamelessly admit I’m not proficient with hair. Is there an actual name for this style?



Originally a negative meaning, tousled hair or tousled good looks has become a positive way of referring to this kind of slightly unkempt but stylish hair.

Source : Link , Question Author : BB ON , Answer Author : chaskes

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