How would you refer to the generic color of a carton/cardboard box?

How would you refer to a color of a standard brown carton box?

I mean, a one, that we normally use day to day for moving or storing stuff, etc.

Is it brown or yellow? Dark-yellow or light-brown?
Hmmm… I doubt it.

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enter image description here

The cartons may be indeed darker or lighter colored, but I wonder if there is any unique term in English, generically (and definitely) stating it’s color.

It is not about just color names, but about the color of a carton.

I noticed that almost all answers below offer just the name of the color. Asking the question I was looking for a fixed expression to distunguish between these light-brown cartons and the white ones.

Here’s my case: I have a bunch tiny stuff and what to distribute it among cartons of different form-factors, colors and shades. Then I want to document all storage objects into a database. I need to print out descriptive labels to stick to each storage object. For example, white cartons can be easily labeled as “White carton #5”. So I need a similar universal fixed expression to distinguish cardbox-plain-brown cartons. The shades do not really matter – just a fixed expression please. If you say: “Hey dude, don’t waste our time, just label’em as brown” – so be it!


I love this question because I’m an artist and I hate a void in color-names. But, as common as these items are, the most easily understood terminology in the lexicon is: “plain-brown”.

You could say “brown box” or, “brown bag”, (and most people would get the idea) but there will always be some anal-case thinking: “What shade of brown?”

If the color in question was on your car, you might describe it as “tan”, but if pressed to describe the shade of “tan” you’d say; “The color of a plain-brown box/bag”. (US)

Source : Link , Question Author : Interface Unknown , Answer Author : Oldbag

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