Hyperbolic vs Hyperbolical

I just looked up the word “hyperbolic” in the 3rd edition of “The New Oxford American Dictionary”, and the second definition says “(of language) exaggerated; hyperbolical.”

When I go to hyperbolical, it says that is the adjective form of hyperbole.

Which is the more correct term to use? I have heard hyperbolic a few times, but never hyperbolical.


‘Hyperbolic’ is definitely correct for the maths, geometry, and science. The terms examples are:

  • hyperbolic function
  • hyperbolic trajectory
  • hyperbolic equilibrium

‘Hyperbolic’ is also correct for exaggeration.

‘Hyperbolical’ is rarely used, you can only find that in dictionaries, all the spellcheckers mark it as a mistake.

This word is used in a form different from ‘hyperbolic’ only as an adverb, ‘hyperbolically’, which is the only adverbial form possible.

So, this form, ‘hyperbolical’ is not a mistake, it is just rare and ‘deprecated’.

Source : Link , Question Author : Will Pike , Answer Author : Oleksii

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