Hypernym for “clock” and “watch”

Yesterday I said: “I can’t read analog clocks”, but my interlocutor corrected me saying that what I was pointing at was a watch and not a clock.

Now, I am aware of the difference between the two, but how can I say I can read neither analog clocks nor analog watches? Is there a hypernym for both of them?


The word is timepiece:

Any device that measures or registers time; a clock or watch, especially one lacking a chime or other striking mechanism.

But it’s not really used much, and as the usage notes on that page explain, your interlocutor can just as easily object that clocks are not strictly timepieces. So you can keep on looking to say something like “I can’t read analog timekeeping devices” or what have you, or you might as well save yourself the trouble and simply say, “I can’t read analog”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Giovanni De Gaetano , Answer Author : RegDwigнt

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