Hyphen in a verb

We use hyphen to make nouns and adjectives, like: cooking-oil, 13-year-old, over-grown etc. But, can we use a hyphen to make a verb, like: ’post-process’, ‘re-purchase’?
I’m writing sentences with them below to clarify.

  1. Does screen size matter to ’post-process’ photos and videos?

  2. Your items have been ‘re-purchased’.


There are no nouns in your examples, only prefixes. Sometimes prefixes are hyphenated, sometimes not.

Repurchaseis a word, so you can use that without a hyphen. Most words with the “re” prefix are not hyphenated (eg regain, rejoin, remarry etc).

“Post-process” seems to be a perfectly acceptable verb. It isn’t the hyphen that makes it a verb, nor is “post” a noun in this example – it is a prefix derived from a preposition. Don’t confuse it with unrelated noun definitions of “post” such as mail, job roles, fence-posts etc.

Some nouns can become verbs though – this is known as verbing. An example of this is the noun “table” which is sometimes used as a verb, eg “let’s table this for now“.

Source : Link , Question Author : Strider , Answer Author : Astralbee

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