I planned to do in the past but I didn’t do

I was going to do the work, but I didn’t.

is there any model verb or any other ,I can use for same situation.


For actions you’d intended to do, but didn’t get around to for whatever reason, meant (past tense of mean) will function perfectly well.

I meant to do the work, but I didn’t.

There are other options that will also likely work, but which one is correct would depend on context. Why didn’t you do the work? Did something stop you? Do you wish that you’d done it?

Possibilities include:

I should have done the work, but I didn’t.

This conveys a sense of regret that the work was not done.

I needed to do the work, but I didn’t.

Same as above, but more extreme. This emphasizes the necessity that you complete the work which you haven’t completed and conveys a stronger sense of regret.

I would have done the work, but I didn’t.

This implies that the reasons which stopped you from completing the work were beyond your control or that other matters took priority.

Note: Your question asked specifically for modal verbs, but I’ve given you any legitimate way to phrase the sentence I could think of. “Meant” and “needed” are not modal verbs, but the function they’re serving here is similar.

Source : Link , Question Author : Amish Aa , Answer Author : Emmabee

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