“I would like to ask you a favour” vs. “I would like to ask you for a favour”

Which form is to be preferred?

  • I would like to ask you a favour.
  • I would like to ask you for a favour.


According to this Google NGram, all of the following forms are in use:

  • ask you a favo(u)r
  • ask you for a favo(u)r

A frequency graph comparing "ask you a favor" (blue), "ask you for a favor" (red), "ask you a favour" (green), and "ask you for a favour" (yellow). Blue and green are consistently much higher than red and yellow; blue starts outpacing green around 1935, and wins completely by 1965. Red and yellow are just about even until 1940, after which red starts outpacing yellow.

As you can see, the forms without the preposition for are more common (with “ask you a favor” generating the highest results). In common use, one may conclude that this is the preferred form.

Source : Link , Question Author : Robottinosino , Answer Author : Marthaª

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