“if the orientation … exceeds the defined orientation or non satisfaction”

I am struggling with the following sentence.

In contrast, if the orientation and the maximum length of a rectangle
exceeds the defined orientation or non satisfaction of the circle
, the cluster is discarded.

Is “non satisfaction” correct? Does it make sense in this sentence?

I feel that the highlighted phrase breaks the flow of the sentence as I am using this and that exceeds that and then I am directly using the noun non satisfaction to describe some other conditions which I need to express. Is the sentence ok?


This isn’t really suited for here but I’ll answer it.

non satifsfaction doesn’t really make English sense so I’d probably say. “does not satisfy the circle constraint”

You should be ok to describe another condition as long as you don’t include too many.

Source : Link , Question Author : niro , Answer Author : akkatracker

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