I’m looking for a “game girl”

Let’s say someone is going to introduce himself to a girl and talk about his tendencies, inclinations and interests. He tends to say:
I’ve always looked for for a girl who is OK with most of the suggestions I make or be pleased by any any types of music I like to listen, any genre of movies I’d like to watch or any place I propose to visit. Of course she has her own ideas and can express her feelings by facing anything she dislikes, just she is not a killjoy!

I know what adjective is used to describe such a person in casual English:

Game: (as an adjective means:)

Willing to do things that are new, difficult, or that involve risks:

  • It was a difficult challenge, but Roberta was game.
  • She’s game for anything. [Source]

Just as I mentioned, the person needs to say:

  • I’m looking for a game girl.

When I search this on the Internet, just a pornographic webpage appears.
I was wondering if this sentence has a specific application (sexual) or it is an idiomatic way of saying that (maybe the contents on these pages are not written by native speakers and this word is not useable in this case.)


I’m not aware of a specific/sexual application of “a game girl” but I would not use it as it just doesn’t sound right – if I saw/heard it I wouldn’t really know how to parse it. I can’t justify it in terms of grammatical rules, as it should be possible to have an adjective before a noun(!), but I can’t find any examples of this usage in the various dictionaries I have or online and I have never read/heard it.

I would always use “a girl who is game for anything” rather than “a game girl”.

Source : Link , Question Author : A-friend , Answer Author : Fiona

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