I’m looking for an adverb that means “hopefully, but not really” [closed]

I’m looking for an adverb that means an action is done with some hope, but with not much expectation of success. Gamely is the closest I’ve come.

Example: She dug ___ly into the ground, hoping the pipe was there, even though it really could have been anywhere.

Example: I installed the dubiously-sourced component into the circuit, screwed all the terminals tight, and flipped the switch ___ly.

Example: Pat was pretty sure the bank account had gotten zeroed. Still, he ___ly shoved the cash machine card into the slot.


You could use wishfully

From dictionary.com

having or showing a wish; desirous; longing.

Maybe not the exact definition you are looking for, but used in the context of the sentences you provided, I think it would work

Source : Link , Question Author : Robert B , Answer Author : spoon

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