In a chair at a club, what does it mean if somebody “wheels up their chair”?

From a short story by Algernon Blackwood, titled If the Cap Fits (public domain PDF),

Field-Martin, the naturalist, sat in his corner armchair at the Club […]

[…]. Field-Martin wheeled up his chair
with vigorous strokes of his heels and joined the
group […]

The description is from the early decades of the 20th century. Does it mean to raise/erect the chair, as opposed to reclining? I assume there were chairs operated by heels?


Items of furniture, including heavy padded armchairs and sofas, often have what are called ‘castors’. One person could wheel or roll such a chair to move it, e.g. when cleaning, making the room tidy, or to re-position it. They help avoid damage to carpets or floors. It would be possible to move a chair while sitting, as described. The text is from the short story "If the Cap Fits" by Algernon Blackwood.

a picture of an armchair with castors

Source : Link , Question Author : John V , Answer Author : Michael Harvey

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