In “I have grown very fond of Alec”, why is an adjective (“fond”) used instead of an adverb?

I have grown very fond of Alec.

I think this sentence looks weird.

I suppose grown is a verb, and should be followed by an adverb.
But I don’t think fond is an adverb.

Is this sentence correct in grammar? Thanks.


It is grammatically correct. From Longman Dictionary, “Over the years we’ve grown very fond of each other”. In this sentence structure, the word “Fond” is an adjective. Grown acts like be. I have grown (been) fond of Alec. Gradual connotes a gradual process of fondness.

You can use the word grow plus an adjective, which means become. I have grown (increasingly) annoyed/satisfied. The sound was growing louder.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tim , Answer Author : Ghaith Alrestom

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