In text, does ‘enumerate’ imply a numbered list?

(as in, say,

Let me enumerate all the reasons red is my favorite colour, from most compelling to least:

  1. it is the colour of blood
  2. it works well with white
  3. it comes first in RGB

and that is about it.


And if so, is there a similarly-formed verb meaning ‘to state all of the things in a category in an unordered list’?

My first thought was ‘enlist’, but obviously that already has a different meaning. Just ‘list’ comes close, but to me does not imply completeness.


From Merriam Webster’s page on enumerate:

1:  to ascertain the number of: Count

2:  to specify one after another: List

Also from Merriam Webster’s page on enumerate

Despite its numer- root, you don’t have to use numbers when enumerating.

Based on the information provided by the dictionary’s page on the word, I can only conclude that you can enumerate your reasons without using numbers or giving the impression that you’re relying on a numbered list.

I would urge you to take a look at the Merriam Webster’s page on the said word.

Source : Link , Question Author : Arlo James Barnes , Answer Author : Irfan

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