“In the Figure 1 (below)” or “in Figure 1 (below)”

I have a stupid question about the use of the word “Figure”.

Do we say “In Figure below” or “In the Figure below”.




The question in the title and the question in the body are different, so let’s answer both.

In the figure below

is correct. Omitting the article would be ungrammatical. Technically if there was more than one figure below you could say “in a figure below”.

However if you are already specifying which figure you mean you do not need an article.

In Figure 1

is correct and needs no article. In the Figure 1 would be wrong.

Adding ‘below’ parenthetically does not change that.

In Figure 1 (below)

is also correct.

Source : Link , Question Author : LEVOMAR , Answer Author : DJClayworth

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