“In the last 3 months” vs “in the past 3 months”

What’s the difference between in the last 3 months and in the past 3 months if there is any?


A lot of people now accept that last and past can be used interchangeably in certain contexts:

  • These last few months have been difficult.
  • These past few months have been difficult.

However, traditional grammarians claim you should never use last when you mean past since last is final as opposed to just gone by.

These last few months have been difficult.

Old-schoolers would say that unless you are dying, you probably have more months ahead of you. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to say, “These past few months have been difficult.”

The bottom line: These days it doesn’t matter if you use last or past, but if you wanted to be hardcore about it, you could use the more appropriate choice based on context.


Source : Link , Question Author : Frank , Answer Author : RegDwigнt

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