In this sentence, “could” what meaning does it have?

“I sought only to open your eyes to the world we could create together.”

In this phrase, does “could” refer to the past or is it a possibility about something that could happen in the future? The verb “sought” creates some confusion because that is the past tense and I don’t know if that therefore makes “could” also in past or if “could” can mean a possibility. What exactly does this “could” mean?


Could is conditional mood. It exists outside of time (as a hypothetical), but it could be a possibility that has closed (but then we would have seen could have create-d). However, in this case it is create, so it’s an awkward construction where the create clause is still a possibility, but the subject is no longer seeking (sought – past) that ‘reality.’

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben , Answer Author : Carly

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