Increasingly + positive or increasingly + comparative?

For instance, would you rather say “It became increasingly hard” or “It became increasingly harder”?

From my understanding, both are possible, but their meaning is slightly different. The first simply means that it became “harder”. The second literally refers to an increasing rate of getting harder.

Though in practice, I believe the second is still used to express the exact same as the first, while sounding somewhat awkward.


You should say:

It became increasingly hard.

This is mostly because there is an inherent (if obscured) redundancy in the second phrase. The word harder already has a sense of time and progression to it. Harder implies that it used to be less hard but is now changing toward being more hard. So saying “it became increasingly harder” doesn’t really add anything new or make the sentence more clear, it just seems to make it increasingly more awkward.

Source : Link , Question Author : mafu , Answer Author : Daniel

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