Indicate my translation in in-text citation

I hope I’m not repeating this question although I could not find something relevant on this website.

I am looking for a way to indicate that a passage from a book is my translation. I’m using in-text citation and the text is part of a footnote. It goes like: “citation” (Author date, page). How could I indicate that the text in the citation is my translation?

I have found several solutions online, yet they either require a footnote (my quotation is part of a footnote already!) or they are too ‘pompous’ such as “Translated quotation that appeared in the paper:” which breaks the flow of my text. I would prefer something discreet; something like (Author date, page my translation) if possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance


Let’s say we’re in the footnote already. Now here comes the translation along with your little note:

“bla bla in a surprisingly symbiotic relationship” [translation my own].

That isn’t the only way to do it but that is a common enough, simple way.

Edit: example: Translation and Relevance: Cognition and Context
By Ernst-August Gutt

Source : Link , Question Author : John Pap , Answer Author : aparente001

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