“Indispensible”: is it correct?

Today, I saw a news headline on BBC News. It says:

Nuclear power is ‘indispensible’ says
safety agency.

As far as I know, the correct word should be “indispensable”. Is it a typo (an example that shows even BBC can make mistakes in headlines) or is this an alternative version of that adjective?


The Corpus of Contemporary American English reveals some use of indispensible, though it is not mentioned in any of my dictionaries. The use statistics are: 35 for indispensible vs. 1887 for indispensable, so it is overwhelmingly in favour of the latter.

Google ngram confirms that this is not a particularly recent trend, and that the two words were used competitively until 1840, where usage seems to have settled on indispensable.

Google ngram

Source : Link , Question Author : Mehper C. Palavuzlar , Answer Author : F’x

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