install some software “natively” on a computer?

Windows can be installed on a computer directly, or installed inside a virtual box under Linux.

Is it correct to say the former case to be

Windows is installed natively on a computer?



Yes. In computing, software is said to run “natively” on a platform if it is running without modification or the help of an intermediary software layer.


Windows runs natively on most home PCs.
Microsoft Word runs natively on Windows.
Apple’s Keynote runs natively on MacOS.
An old video game played in an arcade emulator is not running natively.

Keep in mind that the meaning is dependent on context. Consider Microsoft Word running on Windows, which is in turn running in VirtualBox (a hardware virtualization program) on a Mac. In this case, Word is running natively on Windows, but it is not running natively on the Mac. Windows is not running natively on the computer, but VirtualBox is running natively on MacOS.

As some other comments have suggested, you might want to use alternative ways of describing the setup if there is a possibility of confusing your audience with this term.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tim , Answer Author : Jesse

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