Is a comma after a verb and before an infinitive phrase acceptable?


  1. I strive, to get success to me.
  2. The old man with a beer bottle ran, to learn to run without spilling.
  3. An apple fell, to adhere to gravity.

If commas don’t work can you recommend what I should use instead. I want to make it clear that the 2nd to (used as a preposition) is only referring to the infinitive and not anything left of the comma.


This is not a standard use of a comma.

The basic uses of a comma include

  • separating parallel elements of a series:

    red, white, and blue

  • apposition:

    Marge, my mother’s sister, was late

    but do not ordinarily include dividing a single phrase.

    In your three examples, the infinitive is a complement of the main verb and thus wouldn’t be separated by a comma.

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