Is “civillians” correct?

Wikipedia has a lot of occurrences for the word “civillians”, such as:

At least 35 civillians were killed at the incident

I began fixing them to “civilians”, but then had a question. Is “civillians” actually correct?

At least one dictionary has the term with two “l”: but if I understand well it is listed as “Middle English”. Is this an old word that should not be used in a modern encyclopedia?


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, civillian is one of the alternate forms of civilian:

Forms: lME cyuylian, lME cyuylien, lME sevilioun, lME–16 ciuilian, lME– civilian, 15 ciuiliane, 15 ciuillian, 15 cyuilian, 15 cyvilyan, 15–16 civillian, 16 civiliane, 16 civilyan

It does, however, clearly mark the spelling in question as from Late Middle English. NGrams indicate that the spelling is largely out of favor now:

enter image description here

So while I don’t think that you could necessarily say that using the word is wrong, it is definitely not fully modern.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nicolas Raoul , Answer Author : Community

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