Is “crib bag” the Australian equivalent of “carryall” in AmE?

I have seen bags labeled “crib bags” on Australian websites. I never really understand what they are precisely or whether “crib” refers to the material or the shape of the bag.

It seems the bags that fall under this category range from satchels, to tool bags, to carryalls (holdalls in BrE.) For example this site specializes in them. What exactly is a crib bag? And what does “crib” refer to?


From Macquarie Dictionary


  1. bag used to contain one’s lunch items: Did you bring your crib?

  2. the lunch so contained; a packed lunch.

  3. lunch time.

enter image description here –
Small Crib Bag, Black & Red

As to its origin, the English Dialect Dictionary is silent. However, in all likelihood it is the same word as "crib" meaning: (originally) a barred receptacle for fodder, a baby’s bed, a cabin, a hovel.

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