Is “Do I open the door” grammatically incorrect?

I used to work with an English guy and whenever I had to ask something for permission I’d go like

  • Do I put this away?
  • Do I delete this from the system?
  • Do I go home now?

He told me that this is not good English, better ways to say this is by starting the sentence with shall, should, can or could. I was just wondering which grammar rule am I breaking?



The three questions are all perfectly grammatical and idiomatic.

Using do I is an alternative to should I.

Both constructions are typical of the questions that people who are new to a situation ask of instructors or experienced colleagues. They are seeking advice on the usual way of doing things.

Can I is used more in a context where someone is asking permission to do something (although many native English speakers use can I when they mean may I.)

Shall I is slightly more direct than should I although the difference is negligible in practice.

In short, you can safely ignore the advice of your “English guy”.

Source : Link , Question Author : user31782 , Answer Author : Ronald Sole

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