Is “get” (in the sense of “become/make”) appropriate for formal writing?

Is the use of “get + adjective/participle” appropriate for formal writing (for example, scientific papers)? I am thinking of usages analogous to

  • get fat
  • get inflated
  • get sick

where the meaning is “become”. What about cases where the meaning is “make (sg)”, such as

  • get (it) done
  • get (her) dressed

Not being a native speaker, I cannot easily judge the level of formality of these constructs.


This may depend on the particular research community. I can say, at least in spoken presentations in a workshop or conference, many communities may find using ‘get’ just fine… but many other communities would not.

I would personally like to avoid ‘get’ in formal writing, I guess you mean research articles. To be sure, you should try to check if the community you belong to uses it in their literature. But, if its for emails or blogs, it maybe alright.

Source : Link , Question Author : Szabolcs , Answer Author : karthik

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