Is “High life expectancy is needed by everyone” correct?

If I would express an option meaning everyone wants to live longer, how to make such sentence with the phrase life expectancy? Does this one sound right?

High life expectancy is needed by everyone.


I’ll offer a few that sound natural to my ear:

We’d all like to increase our life expectancy.

Everyone wants a higher life expectancy.

No one wants a short life expectancy.

I wouldn’t use the verb need. A need is a requirement – something you can’t do without – while a life expectancy is something you cannot control. (Well, you may be able to affect your life expectancy through healthy lifestyle choices, but, if people are dying from a terminal disease, then it doesn’t matter how much they "need" a higher life expectancy, they are not going to get it.) The verb need is more for sentences like:

You need flour to bake a cake.

I need a wrench – can you run to the tool shed and bring me my toolbox?

You need to make good lifestyle choices if you want a high life expectancy.

Source : Link , Question Author : canoe , Answer Author : J.R.

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