Is “I am study at school” grammatical?

Can we use third statement or not?

  1. I study at school “correct”

  2. I am studying at school “correct”

  3. I am study at school.


No, you shouldn’t use it because it’s ungrammatical.

It’s a common mistake non-native speakers make.

*I am try to . . .
*You are make me . . .
* means it’s ungrammatical

They’re not using the correct inflectional form because their native tongue usually permits similar structures, which a lot of Asian languages do, to my information.

If you search around a bit, you’d find a lot of good posts on progressive vs. “simple” form of the present tense. This is one such example.

There are also certain verbs that tend not to appear in progressive constructions, called stative verbs. Here’s instructions on how to know one when you see one.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gilani Yevloyev , Answer Author : Community

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