Is ‘I will definitely be living away from the shop’ correct?

I want to say that I’m definitely going to change my address and live elsewhere, but I don’t know the exact day when I’m going to live there, it will happen in a time of one year. Or should I use: ‘I will definitely live’? Thank you.


If you say or imply ‘A year from now’, the better choice is: ‘I will definitely be living away from the shop’. This is because the future continuous is used to refer to an action or state that began before some point in the future and will likely continue after that point.

You can say ‘A year from now I will definitely leave the shop and go live somewhere else’, but in this case ‘a year from now’ implies ‘on one particular day a year from now’ rather than an indefinite period of time surrounding that day.

Source : Link , Question Author : Saras , Answer Author : Shoe

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