Is it correct to use the term paranoia when expressing overrated reaction due to fear of something?

I was discussing with someone who had this strong conviction that AI is a ridicule all through and neglected all of its uses. At a stage, the argument got heated, and I said:

I think you are paranoid about artificial intelligence.

and he got really offended, that I had to open a dictionary and look up the word paranoid. Surprisingly, it seemed my grammar was wrong, and the term was inappropriate and I should have used something like bias. Is this correct? How best can I say something like:

I think you have become so scared of artificial intelligence that the
negative side of it is exaggerated in your mind.


Paranoid doesn’t mean an overreaction, as you now know. It means to be acutely suspicious, though the word is normally used to describe a disproportionate fear, like a phobia, which is probably where you got confused.

You could have said something like “You’re too focussed on the potential for negative effects to see that the potential benefits are enormous”.

To put that in a single word, I’d go with either technophobic or Luddite.

Source : Link , Question Author : Chibueze Opata , Answer Author : Carl Smith

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