Is it ever correct to use “to English” as a verb?

I’ve run into this usage several times, in the comments of sites like YouTube, usually as a joke in response to having one’s grammar or spelling corrected.
To paraphrase:

I’ll try to English better 🙂

Presumably implying that their English needs improvement through example, even if the original mistake had been a typo.
My question is, is there a serious context where using ‘English’ as a verb would be grammatically correct? Or maybe it’s on its way to becoming a new word due to frequent incorrect usage?


The verb English in the sense of to translate into English dates to 1450, according to the OED. The sense of to anglicize, to impart an English character to, dates to 1711, that example having for object a musical form, the madrigal. The sense of to impart spin on a ball dates from 1875 and is flagged as a peculiarly American usage. These are all senses that are not flagged as obsolete or rare. So yes, its use as a verb is current.

Source : Link , Question Author : MASQ , Answer Author : Brian Donovan

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