Is it “flotation” or “floatation”?

Is the difference between flotation and floatation a US/UK difference or something else?

I think I did see floatation in some physics book.


I’d have to say that the difference was influenced by something else.

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the French influenced the more widely used spelling flotation.

And according to the same root-source regarding floatation:

the older, more etymological, but less popular spelling of flotation

Several of these sources (will list below) all agree that floatation and flotation are variant spellings of one another.

Variants of FLOTATION --- **flo·ta·tion** also **floa·ta·tion**

Collins Dictionary
a variant spelling of _flotation_ --- flotation *or* floatation

And (my new favorite word coming up) according to this source, there is no specific difference between BE and AmE regarding to flotation/floatation confusion. I’d like to point out, his site has similar sources to back up his findings.

Source : Link , Question Author : Soham Chowdhury , Answer Author : Souta

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