Is it grammatically correct to remove “The” from the beginning of a photo title?

For example in a photo there is a river. Can we title it “River” and not “The River”? Or there are some women who are sitting and standing on the ground. Can we title the photo “Sitting & Standing Women” or “The Sitting & Standing Women”?

And what about capitalizing all words?

In my native language there is no The and capitalizing.


You can give a photograph whatever title you want. Nobody would think twice about a photograph with or without the word “the” in the beginning.

As far as capitalization goes, the standard would be to capitalize the first letter of all words except for conjunctions, articles, and prepositions. If the first word of the title is a conjuction, article, or preposition, then that word should be capitalized. For example, “The Three Women and a Large Cat”

On the other hand, you are the one making the title, and you could theoretically deviate from the capitalization rules if you have some stylistic reason to do so. I would not recommend doing so without some particular reason, though.

Source : Link , Question Author : Persian Cat , Answer Author : Daniel

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