Is it “mid-air”, “midair” or “mid air”

The bird feels the breeze all around it when it’s in mid-air.

Is it “mid-air”, “mid air” or “midair”? I have seen all three of them in various context, so I am not sure if all of them are valid.


Most dictionaries list it as “midair” see:

A few others list it as “mid-air”, see

and none I could find list “mid air”.

So as a conclusion I would say midair and mid-air are both correct, but mid air is not.

edit: moreover definitions given by the Cambridge Dictionary for both midair and mid-air are the same:

noun /mɪdˈeər/
a point in the air, not on the ground:
She caught the ball in midair.
She caught the ball in mid-air.

Source : Link , Question Author : repomonster , Answer Author : Pang

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