Is it “my passion lies in” or “my passion is”?

I have the following sentence in my résumé:

My passion lies in analyzing complex algorithms.

Someone pointed out to me that it is not correct, and that it should be:

My passion is analyzing complex algorithms.

I found this reference, but it only addresses the first version. Which is correct? If they are both correct, which is ‘better’? My native language is not English, so I’m having a hard time deciding.


You can say both. Which you choose depends on context and context is a big subject. The first example is a little more formal, and is more likely to occur in writing. The second example might come in a conversation in which a previous speaker had said something like ‘What I really like is doing quadratic equations.’ But it really isn’t possible to cover all the possibilities in a few sentences.

Did the person who objected to the first say why it wasn’t correct?

Source : Link , Question Author : Frank Kusters , Answer Author : Barrie England

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