Is it ok to use Present Progressive in this construction?

Recently l came across the following construction:

The river which is afflicted with black lobsters is losing its fish soon.

I am wondering why the writer used ‘is losing’ instead of the more natural ‘is going to lose’. Would anyone clear up my doubts please?


‘Is losing’ could only reasonably be paired with ‘soon’ when the timescale is far more certain, a punctive (abrupt rather than gradual / continuous) event is being referred to, and in an informal register:

‘They’re losing their free TV licences soon.’

Soon refers to a punctive event (even in ‘he was soon riding his bike again’, the change involved, from non-riding to riding, is punctive; we wouldn’t say “I am soon riding my bike”) and thus usually takes a punctive verb-form. Here,

‘The river, which is afflicted with black lobsters, is losing its fish’


‘The river, which is afflicted with black lobsters, will soon lose all its fish’ is needed. –

Source : Link , Question Author : Mohamed Ali , Answer Author : Edwin Ashworth

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