Is it okay to say “Yes, we do” in answer to “Are you having a good time?”

How to correctly answer the question “Are you having a good time?”

Imagine a parent coming into a room, in which his 12-year-old son is having his birthday party with his classmates. Kids are really having a good time. So what would be the right answer in that case?

  1. Yes, we are.
  2. Yes, we do.


Edit: the answer to your edited question is unambiguously “yes, we are”. Short answers use the same auxiliary as the question:

  • Are you doing fine? — Yes, we are.
  • Do you want some more tea? — Yes, I do.
  • Will you marry me? — Yes, I will.
  • Can I go to the swimming pool, daddy? — No, you can’t.

It’s not exactly clear what you are uncertain about, so I’ll try and do my best. There is nothing specific to “having a good time in this question”. To the question “Are you playing with LEGO?”, the kids might answer “Yes, we are” (akin to your choice #1) or “Yes, with the big castle” (somewhat closer to #2), or plenty of other things. All are legitimate answers, as are the ones you propose in your question.

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