Is it right to say “a meeting is supervised by”?

Assume that we have a meeting that will be managed by 3 people. We want to make an advertisement to let people know the people who will manage the meeting. What should we say?

This meeting is supervised by Chico, Harpo, and Groucho.


If the meeting is called for an announcement or presentation, you can say the meeting is presented by the people giving the presentation.

If the three people are executing the agenda of a formal meeting, you can say the meeting is chaired by them, though a meeting with more than one chair is not practical. If they are simply requesting the meeting, it is called by them.

For less formal situations, where the participants discuss rather than deliberate, the meeting is led by or facilitated by the meeting leaders; they run or lead the meeting, rather than chair or preside over it.

In the U.S. at least, meetings in organizational settings are not usually supervised or managed unless the participants are children, as both words carry connotations of monitoring and oversight of untrustworthy or unruly participants. A teacher might supervise a meeting of teenagers, for example, to make sure the theme of the school dance they are planning is not offensive.

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