Is “Me vs Me” grammatically correct?

What I want to say is that I compete with myself in short.

I was thinking that it could be

  • Me vs Me
  • I vs Me
  • I vs Myself

Which one is grammatically correct?


"me vs. myself"

Versus, from Latin vers, or versa, means facing or towards (imagine two pieces of wood lying against each other). The implication is of competing interests, of which one would "prevail," generally speaking, in a match-up or some figure of merit competition.

The construction is [noun/noun phrase] vs. [noun/noun phrase].

It’s shirts versus skins.

It was him versus the world.

When it comes to stopping procrastination, it’s really me versus myself. (or me vs me, see below)

It could also be "me vs me," in my opinion, but the reflexive pronoun (also this) "myself" adds value here as it helps establish that the action "has the same semantic agent and patient" (that is, the ‘direct object,’ after a fashion, is the same as its subject). "Me vs me" might have heightened comedic effect as it seems schizophrenic in a sense.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alejandro Jimenez , Answer Author : Carly

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