Is my sentence correct ? (using “for” or “of a”)

I’m currently correcting some writing of mine. I have a question about this line in particular :

To you I’m just a statistic, or a top tier choice for a stick

Is “for” adequate ? Or should I write “of a stick” ? Maybe even something else ?
The meaning of this is sex-related. “Statistic” meaning something like “just one more guy on your palmares”. “Stick”, meaning males’ attribute


I’m … a … choice for a(n) X implies slightly that you have to go through me to get X, and I’m a gateway to X.

I’m … a … choice of a(n) X means implies that I am not part of you acquiring X and you are not even worried about what I could do to stop you. It’s a bit more dehumanizing.

Note that:

  • Saying “I’m just a statistic” is derogatory and dehumanizing, but this conflicts with top tier which is something anyone would like to be. Not sure if you mean this or not.

  • Stick sounds silly as a euphemism for male genitals, unless you are being artistic/poetic/lyrical with language (it does go with the sound of statistic).

  • @BadZen is right about the implication of death, or crime.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kazy , Answer Author : LawrenceC

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