Is “obscure” the same as “undocumented”?

I posted a question on another SE site that was quickly closed due to issues irrelevant to my current question. My question was about an “obscure” behavior of a programming language called Python.

One comment caught my eye: a highly-respected community member claimed that the behavior was “documented, therefore not obscure.”

This started me wondering if his view is shared by the general English speaker. Is “obscure” equivalent to “undocumented”?


No. Obscure here means “of little or no prominence, note, fame, or distinction”.

Documented might only mean written down. It might be written in an obscure place.

However, the point made by your fellow community member still holds; he just didn’t say everything he meant as well as he possibly could. He could have used a word like well-documented to press his point more convincingly. His main point was that the info you need is out there to be found.

To summarize: you can’t hyper-analyze comments.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fixee , Answer Author : Daniel

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