Is ‘quiescing’ a valid word? What does it mean?

What does quiescing mean in the following context?

Quiescing a Database


“Quiescing a Database” refers to:

Occasionally you might want to put a database in a state that allows only DBA transactions, queries, fetches, or PL/SQL statements. Such a state is referred to as a quiesced state, in the sense that no ongoing non-DBA transactions, queries, fetches, or PL/SQL statements are running in the system.

“Quiescing” is basically the action of putting the database into a quiesced state

Yes, “quiescing” is a valid word, as can be seen in this Wiktionary article:

quiesce (third-person singular simple present quiesces, present participle quiescing, simple past and past participle quiesced)

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