Is revolutionist a real word?

I was talking to a friend of mine and at one point I said

So, you’re a revolutionist.

He corrected me (in a very polite way) by saying that “revolutionist” is a word that does not exist, the correct would be revolutionary. I perfectly understand his point and agree that the word revolutionary is definitively better in this sentence.

But one thing intrigued me a lot… I have followed Starcraft for many years (I like the game a lot) and my favorite player of all time is Bisu, one of Bisu’s nicknames is “The Revolutionist” and that was the main reason I chose the word “revolutionist” instead of revolutionary.

Searching online I found some dictionaries that define the word “revolutionist”. The problem is that renowned dictionaries such as Oxford and Cambridge do not present such word in their dictionaries (at least not on the free online version).

And that brings us to my fateful question: Is “revolutionist” a real word?


OED would seem to concur, and that it would be synonymous with Revolutionary

  1. An advocate of or participant in revolution; a revolutionary.

It would also be allowed on CountDown

Source : Link , Question Author : Matheus Manzatto , Answer Author : Smock

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