Is “safes” an acceptable alternative to “makes safe”

Though I know it’s uncommon usage (and intentionally so). Is the follow sentence legitimate?

She safes the dangerous area so it cannot be stumbled upon.

Obviously, modern usage would be “she makes safe”, but some research on my part shows that “safes” is an acceptable “third-person singular simple present” form of safe.

Am I correct?


Pretty sure we only use safe as a verb when discussing ordinance or firearms. There might be other domains (operations security maybe?) but by the verb safe we definitely mean operating a safety mechanism designed to keep the weapon from being firing/detonating.

The military definition is provided at The Free Dictionary, with citation to the US DOD (PDF).

As applied to weapons and ammunition, the changing from a state of readiness for initiation to a safe condition. Also called de-arming.

Source : Link , Question Author : Neal Tibrewala , Answer Author : sas08

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