Is ‘taking an ‘exercise’ expression idiomatic?

I often hear people say

I am taking GRE or I took the online test of Kaplan.

What I would like to know is that, is ‘take’ right here if i use it in the context of practice exercise in a Math book

I took the exercise of probability in X book, it was really challenging.

What would be the idiomatic way of saying it?


Matt is correct that sentences based on “I did the exercise” or “I completed the exercise” are more natural than non-standard “I took the exercise in the book”, when you are telling someone what practice exercises you did.

The phrase “to take exercise” is used (I think more often in British English than American) to mean performing physical exercise. Also, the form “to sit an exam” is exclusively BE and not at all AE.

Source : Link , Question Author : Thor , Answer Author : James Waldby – jwpat7

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