Is the “en-” verb prefix redundant?

The verb prefix en- seems redundant to me. For example

  • a book titled ‘Something’
  • a book entitled ‘Something’

Are these identical in meaning, or is there some nuance?


Sometimes en- is redundant, and sometimes not. Also, redundancy is not always a bad thing.

There are fairly large differences in meaning between force(d) and enforce(d), treat(ed) and entreat(ed), trust(ed) and entrust(ed), fold(ed) and enfold(ed).

There is a previous question about the usage of title(d) and entitle(d) that you may want to look at: When is it appropriate to use "titled" vs. "entitled"? In the context of your example, either could be used with no difference in meaning.

Source : Link , Question Author : spraff , Answer Author : herisson

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