Is the phrase “… or I’m mistaken” correct?

I want to write phrase “Capital of A is B, or I’m mistaken?”, but I’m not sure that the second part of thus phrase is correct. Should I write “… or I’ve made a mistake?”, or “… or I’m wrong?”? What is the best?


As the question stands, the OP asks if (forms of) mistake can be used as other than a noun (Should I write “… or I’ve made a mistake?”).

In that sense, the “Capital of A is B, or I’m mistaken?” is correct in the use of mistaken as an adjective.

mis·tak·en /məˈstākən/
1. Wrong in one’s opinion or judgment.
2. (esp. of a belief) Based on or resulting from a misunderstanding or
faulty judgment: “an unfortunate case of mistaken identity”.

Incidentally, minor errors of grammar need correction:
The capital of A is B, or am I mistaken?

is how you would write the sentence.

Source : Link , Question Author : bessarabov , Answer Author : Kris

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